Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents

“Gripping” The Times

‘Wonderfully dark and gossipy…so dramatic it feels like a 16th-century Homeland.” The Radio Times

‘Fresh and engaging‘ the Telegraph


Map of Hell

‘National Geographic could not have found a better guide. Danny Trejo is everything you want in an underworld escort: scary, snarly and seeming as if he could reach out of the television slash your throat and eat you at any moment… but there’s a serious foundation throughout.’
The New York Times


‘Wonderfully tense’
Radio Times

The Guardian

‘Bold, muscular and stylish’
The Telegraph

‘One of the best hours of crime drama I have seen in a while’
The Killing Times



How We Got To Now: With Steven Johnson

‘Exceedingly watchable’
New York Times



‘Thought provoking and compulsively fun’
LA Times

‘Fascinating and informative’
LA Daily News

The Brain: With David Eagleman

‘Utterly Enthralling’
The Guardian




‘Fascinating and enthralling’
The Sunday Times

‘An exceptional mind-bending series’
The Times

Guardian Guide

Inside The Mind of Leonardo

‘Atmospheric, gripping and beautifully dramatized documentary based on the personal journals of Leonardo da Vinci, starring Peter Capaldi as the owner of one of the most fascinating minds in history. He speaks words translated directly from the journals while modern footage is intercut with old sketches and jaw-dropping landscapes. A wonderful and unmissable televisual thing’
The Guardian

‘The visually stunning Inside the Mind of Leonardo takes the approach of having Peter Capaldi read from the artist’s numerous notebooks and journals with his thoughts, imaginings and irreverences brought to life via animation and, particularly, superb cinematography…as we listen to da Vinci’s ideas on nature, weaponry, horses, flying and even hair dye, Capaldi proves captivating.’
The Telegraph

‘Ignoring the traditional documentary approach, Inside the Mind of Leonardo…presents the mind behind the drawings in an intriguingly fresh way.’
The Independent

‘… Peter Capaldi… brings the original renaissance man’s extensive journals and sketches to life through a series of powerfully delivered monologues.’
The Times

‘Atmospheric, gripping and beautifully dramatised… wonderful and un-missable’
The Guardian

‘Visually stunning… Capaldi proves captivating.”
Daily Telegraph

‘A rich doc-drama… Capaldi at his intense best.’
Sunday Times

‘Ignores the traditional documentary approach… intriguing and fresh.’

The Great Sperm Race

‘The main thing about The Great Sperm Race is that they did something imaginative and new, which is quite rare in modern television – it was like watching an Indiana Jones film produced by the makers of the Viz comic and directed by Salvador Dali – entertaining, informative and something I will be showing my children, whether they like it or not.’
The Times

‘Julian Jones’ film is lovely and packed with information – this should be a staple part of sex education lessons’
The Sunday Times (Pick of The week)

‘Jones-world! – A highly entertaining romp – provided by Jones’ singular vision.’

New York Magazine

The Independent

‘Refreshing and intelligently frank’
The Washington Post

‘A brilliant piece of TV… leaves you awed by the journey’
The London Paper








How William Shatner Changed The World

‘A marvellous great fun film that makes a fascinating point’
Daily Mail

‘Great fun’
Time Out

The Sunday Times

‘Mad genius – jam packed with fun science. Five Stars.’

‘The program gives dignity to geeks and Trekkies everywhere’
The Times

‘Not your average dry Science doc’
USA Today

‘Utterly disarming and hilarious’
Chicago Tribune

‘Its mix of accessible Science and television history was riveting’
The Scotsman

‘Shatner in hilarious full bluster mode’
Los Angeles Daily News

‘Terrifically engaging’