Hinterland, 12 May 2016

I directed an episode of crime drama ‘Hinterland’ that aired on BBC Four recently.

Radio Times said it was ‘Wonderfully tense’ while The Killing Times blog said it was ‘one of the best hours of crime drama I have seen in a while’. Overall the series was called ‘compelling’ by The Guardian and ‘Bold, muscular and stylish’ by The Telegraph

Hinterland Wins!, 19 April 2016

Hinterland wins the Grand Award for Crime Drama at the 2016 New York TV Festival!

Map of Hell, 13 June 2016

‘Map of Hell’ – starring Danny Trejo that I wrote and directed for National Geographic Channel, premiered recently in the US. The New York Times said:’National Geographic could not have found a better guide. Danny Trejo is everything you want in an underworld escort: scary, snarly and seeming as if he could reach out of the television slash your throat and eat you at any moment… but there’s a serious foundation throughout.’

The Brain: With David Eagleman, 13 February 2016

I served as Series Editor for Blink Films on ‘The Brain with Dr David Eagleman’ – a 6 part doc series for PBS/BBC4. Its been getting some great press:

‘Utterly Enthralling’ – The Guardian

‘An exceptional mind-bending series’ – The Times

‘Fascinating and enthralling’ – The Sunday Times

Hinterland Out Now, 19 February 2016

Series 2 of Welsh crime drama ‘Hinterland’ has gone out on S4C and BBC Wales – I Directed Episode 3 and The Killing Times Blog called it ‘Beautifully shot…brilliantly moving’

It gets its nationwide debut on BBC4 soon, followed by the US on Netflix.

The Great Sperm Race, 13 May 2017

‘ Julian Jones ’ film is lovely and packed with information – this should be a staple part of sex-education lessons ’
– The Sunday Times (Pick Of The Week)

How We Got To Now, 15 March 2015

“How We Got to Now” the 5 part history of innovation series fronted by Steven Johnson is now airing on BBC2, Saturday’s at 7:45pm. I directed 3 episodes! It aired on PBS in the US late last year and got some great press:

‘Exceedingly watchable’ – New York Times

‘fascinating and informative’ –LA Daily News

‘Thought provoking and compulsively fun.’ – LA Times

Hinterland Wrap Up, 19 March 2015

Julian just wrapped shooting his first Drama – a feature length episode of the wonderful BBC/S4C/Netflix Welsh crime drama ‘Hinterland’. Due to air towards the end of 2015. Its all very exciting!