Curriculum Vitae
Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Agents (working title)

3 × 60′ Gripping drama-documentary tells the story of the spy network established during the reign of Elizabeth the first to keep England Protestant.

Role Director
TV Broadcast BBC2 & PBS
The Day The Dinosaurs Died

1 × 60′ Documentary following a team of scientists drilling into an enormous crater in the Yucatan to reveal the most conclusive evidence yet about what wiped out the dinosaurs.

Role Edit Producer
TV Broadcast BBC2

‘It was over too soon – I wanted more’
Daily Mail

Map of Hell

1 × 90′ Danny Trejo takes us on a tour through 2500 years of ideas about hell.

Role Director, Writer & Executive Producer
TV Broadcast National Geographic Channel

1 × 90′ Series two of the Bafta winning ‘Celtic-Noir’ crime drama.

Role Director
TV Broadcast BBC 4, S4C & Netflix

Bafta Cymru Awards 2016
Best Drama Series

New York TV Festival 2016
Grand Award Crime Drama Series


‘One of the best hours of crime drama I have seen in a while’
The Killing Times

The Brain: With David Eagleman

6 × 60′ Neuroscientist David Eagleman introduces us to the most complex thing ever discovered – the human brain.

Role Series Editor & Director
TV Broadcast PBS & BBC4

Guardian Guide

How We Got To Now: With Steven Johnson

3 of 6 × 60′ Best-selling author Steven Johnson explores the surprising innovations that shaped the modern world.

Role Director, Producer, Writer
TV Broadcast BBC2 & PBS

Primetime EMMY Awards 2015
Outstanding Motion Graphics


‘Thought provoking and compulsively fun’
LA Times

Inside The Mind of Leonardo

1 × 90′ Peter Capaldi channels Da Vinci’s notebooks in this experimental 3D drama-doc.

Role Director, Writer
TV Broadcast Sky Arts / 3D, History Films USA & Arte

International 3D Creative Arts Awards 2014
Best Documentary


‘The visually stunning Inside the Mind of Leonardo takes the approach of having Peter Capaldi read from the artist’s numerous notebooks and journals with his thoughts, imaginings and irreverences brought to life via animation and, particularly, superb cinematography…as we listen to da Vinci’s ideas on nature, weaponry, horses, flying and even hair dye, Capaldi proves captivating.’
The Telegraph

Aliens: The Definitive Guide

1 × 90′

Role Writer
TV Broadcast Discovery Channel US & Discovery Channel Canada

Canadian Screen Awards 2014
Best Science Programme

Curiosity: Can You Live Forever?

1 × 60′ Adam Savage (MythBusters) now 1000-years old, looks back at his long life and explains how 21st century science made it possible.

Role Director & Writer
TV Broadcast Discovery Channel (US)
How To Build A Volcano

1 × 60′ Scientists build and erupt the world’s biggest ever model Volcano, 4 storeys high.

Role Director, Writer & Executive Producer
TV Broadcast National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel (Canada)
Weird Or What?

10 × 60′ part series fronted by William Shatner looking for scientific explanations for weird stories. Weird or What? Became History Television Canada’s highest rating original series ever and was re-commissioned 3 times.

Role Show Runner, Executive Producer, Director & Writer
TV Broadcast Discovery Channel US & History Television (Canada)
The Great Sperm Race

1 × 90′ The story of conception, scaled up to human size.

Role Director, Producer & Writer
TV Broadcast Channel 4 & Discovery Canada

Canadian Screen Awards 2010
Best Science Documentary

Canadian Screen Awards 2010
Best Cinematography


‘The main thing about The Great Sperm Race is that they did something imaginative and new, which is quite rare in modern television – it was like watching an Indiana Jones film produced by the makers of the Viz comic and directed by Salvador Dali – entertaining, informative and something I will be showing my children, whether they like it or not.’
The Times

When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions Role Director & Writer
TV Broadcast Discovery Channel
Is It Better Being Mixed-Race?

1 × 60′ Geneticist Aarathi Prasad examines if being mixed race could offer a genetic advantage. Part of the Channel 4 season ‘Race: Science’s Last Taboo’.

Role Director & Writer
TV Broadcast Channel 4
Download: The True Story Of The Internet

4 × 60′ Hosted by John Heileman

Role Director & Writer (2 Episodes)
TV Broadcast Discovery Channel
How William Shatner Changed The World

William Shatner explores how Star Trek inspired modern science and technology.

Role Director, Producer & Writer
TV Broadcast Discovery Canada, History Channel & FIVE

CINE Golden Eagle Award 2006
Best Science Program

Gemini Award 2006
Best Picture Editing


‘Great fun’
Time Out

The Curse Of Blue Peter

1 × 60′ Irreverent doc charting the history of the iconic British kids TV show.

Role Director & Writer
TV Broadcast Channel 5

‘Thoroughly entertaining’
The Observer